Why do Companies Need Consultant?

Rendi Radito – MCI (right) describing after sales operation and unit entry level with Allan Sherburne – TTI (Left)

Why companies willing to pay millions of Dollars to hire consultants just to tell them what to do? Aren’t they have their own Top-Dollar executive to do the Job? Don’t consultants just telling things that you already know?

The business landscape nowadays is rapidly changing. Sometimes the only good corporate strategy is to change and adapt with the environment. Most organization are not designed to cope with ultra-dynamic business environment. While they on learning curve to build new corporate strategy, the environment already change and the strategy become obsolete. This when the consultants step in.

Consultant is someone who provides unique assistance or advice to someone else, known as client. The work is defined by the consultants expertise, the structure in which the consultant works and the process the consultant uses.

There main reasons why corporate need consultant:

The right expertise

To become very good at what you do is not only about how smart you are, but it is about the experience you gain along the way. Instead of waiting the organization gain their own experience, hiring consultant is smarter solution

Identify the Problems

In order to keep objectivity, the organization need to have fresh eyes and mind to see problems clearer. Sometimes employee are too close to the problem inside the organization to identify it.

Catalyst of Change

Most established organization love status quo. No body love change. But change is needed for sure. Consultant can do things as an agent of change, without worrying about corporate culture, employee morale or other issue that get in the way when organization is trying to institute.

The Dirty work

No one wants to be the person who has to make budget cuts and fired people. An independent consultant is the perfect person to handle such unwanted task.

Create New Business

Choosing right consultant who knows the right people will likely lead to gaining new business

MCI as professional consultants that experts on retail automotive is currently handling ongoing network assessment program from one of the well-known automotive principal in Indonesia. With both local and international automotive retail experts, MCI providing feedback of assessment and quick-win operational solution for each dealer network.

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