Salesmanship Skill

Sales is one of the oldest profession in the world. Various practice of selling method has been evolving since 18th century. Even though many ways of commerce from barter, brick-and-mortar and online market is having their times, still sales man is irreplaceable key component of good commerce.

Automotive market in Indonesia have its own uniqueness. Customers tend to take the vehicle not only as commodity but also as an investment. So their behavior towards purchasing the vehicle was more likely involving emotional value rather than rational value. That is why one of the key success factors of selling vehicle is the SALESMAN. Because they represent a good investment.

MCI as one of the learning consultant in Indonesia is helping the automotive clients in preparing their reliable salesman, by building their good basic salesmanship through series of activities of learning such training delivery and module development.

Before everything else, a good salesman must have strong will to success. These are MCI`s 3 steps towards success :

Change old habit

You may not notice, but what you are today is the result of your small habits. Lets change your bad habit by setting a new target or goals in your life. Make the strategy to achieve it. Seek for the skill required and improve it the last thing is to evaluate the performance so it can be continuous improvement for the future.

Know your Potential

Being honest and answer the simple question of who you are. Understand your strength and your weakness. Only by that you can find your uniqueness and exploit it to strive your success

Change your Mindset

Yes we can!! you seems familiar with that terms. Your mindset is what you believe. It is insane to do same things repeatedly and expect for different result.

MCI conduct Sales Basic Training for Mitsubishi FUSO sales force held on Kramayudha Tiga Berlian Motors as part of sales development training program.


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